Valegate Diseases


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Jul 19, 2018

Whilst playing on Valegate you may get a disease like broken leg or flesh wound. You must craft certain medicines to heal yourself or use the doctor at /warp hospital. Below are all the recipes to craft each cure for the disease.​

Injuries caused by breaking blocks with bare fist, causes no effect unless left untreated.

Cure - (Bandage)
White wool surrounded by paper

Contracted in the insect infested jungle, high fever and sneezing ensues, contagious to others.

Cure - (Sweetwort Potion)
Craft Sugar, Gun powder, Egg & Water bottle in any position.

Contracted in the dusty desert, wheezing and coughing, contagious to others.

Cure - (Smoothwater Potion)
Craft Sugar, Clay, Glowstone & Water bottle in any position.

Contracted by damage from zombies, high fever sickness, Vomiting and sneezing, contagious to others.

Cure - (Bitterwort Potion)
Craft brown & red mushroom, coal & Water bottle in any position.

Contracted by drinking uncleaned water, sickness, Vomiting.

Cure - (Brightwater Potion)
Craft brown mushroom, glowstone dust, gun powder & Water bottle in any position.

Broken Leg
Contracted by fall damage, slowness until leg repaired.

Cure - (Leg Splint)
Craft 6 sticks in 2 rows.

Contracted by extend stay in cold conditions, slowness exhaustion reduced lung capacity coughing.

Cure - (Heated Cream)
Heat Magma cream in a furnace.

Contracted by swimming in swamp biomes with fleshwound.

Cure - (Blackbrew)
Craft bone, coal, clay & Water bottle in any position.

Contracted by being slashed with a sword, causes bleeding, weakness & damage.

Cure - (Bandage)
Craft white wool surrounded by paper.

Contracted by being hit by an arrow, causes weakness & damage.

Cure - (Shears)
Use shears on a player to dislodge arrow.

Contracted by eating food, causes blocked throat, damage, reduced speech & not able to consume food or drink.

Cure - (Fist)
Hit player on back to dislodge food.

Contracted by wolf bite, causes fever foaming mouth, vomiting, speed strength, heart failure & more.

Cure - (Lycan Potion)
Craft melon, nether wart, bone & Water bottle in any position.

Contracted from being near too many animals, causes temperature, sneezing, vomiting & more. is contagious.

Cure - (SweetBrine Potion)
Craft wheat seeds, egg, spider eye & water bottle.

Soothing Potion
Use this potion to temporarily sooth disease effects.

Craft sugar & water bottle in any postion.
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