Valegate 2.0 / 2.0.1


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Jul 19, 2018
Hi everyone,

2.0 Updates
- Removed McMMO (Going to more survival style server)
- Added Disease plugin (You can now get illnesses from doing certain tasks in game, some may need cures, you can use the doctor sign just to the left from spawn
- New website landing page ( with voting links on the main website homepage now
- New forum link (
- Added Lockdown Crate - Removed Spooky Crate
- Removed Lavish Crate (Both of the removed crates are underneath the existing ones if you still have keys.
- Added tags (will be gained via completing quests or other activities)
- Currently the top voter each month will receive a voucher to activate a [Top Voter] tag for each month / use /tags in game to choose your tag. I will let you know about other tags shortly
- One person can now sleep when there are 2 online.
- Fixed villagers dying once converted from zombie villagers
- Villager spawn eggs can now be placed
- New contact email if needed (
- New staff ranks "Helper" "Mod" "Admin"
- Staff players will show a {S} right at the start of their names.
- Donator rank titles are now shown as just coloured starts [*]
- Added more moderator commands for kicking/banning/warning players also tempbans if needed.
- Updated spigot to latest version as of 02/04/2020 (22:00)
- When voting you will now recieve £50 in-game as well as a vote key
- Jobs money will be slightly decreased to help with becoming over-rich too easily (If you think anything is super easy please be honest at let us know)

2.0.1 Updates
- Added 17 nightmare quests - can only be completed once. When you complete all you will get a [Nightmare] tag to use.
- Nightmare quests require you to solve riddles and put the required item into your inventory (once in your inventory your item will be taken and the task will become completed.
- Added 10 farming quests (A lot more to come) - Can be repeated every 2 days
-Combat / building & extreme categories are stuff that still needs to be added.
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