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Jul 19, 2018
If any of you want to have your town have a warp at spawn, you have to meet the requirements listed below -
  • At least 2 active citizens in your town
  • Must have a path around your town, similar to how vanilla villages are
  • You must have a town hall
  • Your town hall must include a board with general town info
  • Your town must be open, either anyone is welcome or have your own application format to join your town.
  • Must include info on how to join
  • Your town must have a farm for the citizens of the town ( Must be a decent size )
  • The town must have a designated mayor
  • The town must have a name
  • Poorly made towns will not be put in the warps, only clean and well built ones will be displayed.
  • For your town to stay in the spawn warps, it must be active
  • The town name cannot include any offensive content
  • Making a town private will remove it from the spawn warp, at least accept join applications
Make a new thread using the following format to apply for a town warp, you can advertise your town in the Town forum itself, this form is just for spawn warps. We will be actively checking new posted threads.
Town Name -
Coordinates you want the warp to teleport to -
Town Mayor -
Town Population -
Town Status - (ex. Open, Closed, Application required)
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